Baby Trend Sit and Stand Plus Double Stroller, Millennium

As the name suggests this double stroller offers the advantages of both the body positions i.e sitting and standing. Apart from this like many other double strollers there are a number of harnesses for extra safety and security of the kids. There is a canopy at the rear side of the double stroller which provides adequate shade to the kid sitting at the rear side and also the front side. When not required the canopy can be removed so that the children if they wish to can stand and enjoy the ride in the double stroller. In fact it will become a joy ride for them.

This means even if both the children are not of the same age there is absolutely no problem. Both of them can enjoy in their own way and can go ahead and take the body position which they wish to take, yet will not experience any discomfort or inconvenience. It can accommodate two infant car seats which can be fixed in the cars while travelling by car and as a result of this the parents and the caregivers do not experience any stress levels.

Once the kids are seated in the double stroller, they can manage themselves without any assistance and that is the best part of this double stroller. All the requirements of the children are adequately taken into account while making this double stroller. Special slots are provided to accommodate the cups of the infants and there is a special slot for the cups of the elders as well. Apart from the cup holders there is this wonderful presence of an organizer installed for the parents as well.


So there are all the features which are fulfilled I this double stroller which a parent or a kid is looking for and that is why it is one of the most demanded products.