Free SEO Tools that will Boost Your Search Engine Rankings: Advice from a Boston SEO Firm

Ever wondered what a Boston SEO firm does to ensure that clients’ websites feature at the top of the search engine results page? If you own a website or a small business, you most probably want to be found on the internet by your prospects. However, this is not easy because website traffic will not start flowing into your website immediately you launch a website. You have to come up with a strategy that entails the use of different strategies in building that traffic. Search engine optimization, which involves the use of different tools and techniques, is what will lead to increased traffic to your website. Generally, there are free SEO tools that your business can use to increase traffic to its website.

Google trends

This is a go-to keyword tool that enables you to see the change in search queries over time as people continue searching for your target keyword and comparison of different key phrases and words to determine the best key phrase or keyword. This tool can also provide a regional breakdown indicating where the keywords are popular. This knowledge is important because it enables you to determine the most appropriate keywords to use in order to increase traffic to your website or blog.

Google Analytics

This is an online tool that a webmaster or online marketer should always use. It is a data source that offers detailed information and high quality data to online marketers. In fact, a reputable Boston SEO firm will tell you that you cannot ignore this tool because it provides important and actionable data about your traffic and visitors.For Further details on  seo services in boston visit our youtube video.

Keyword planner

Keyword planner enables you to research keywords. It is the place where most SEO experts start their keyword research. With this tool, you can search for new keywords and group ideas for adverts, get the search volume for keywords and even group them, get estimates for the traffic of keywords and multiply your keyword lists in order to generate new ideas for keywords. The functionality of this tool is focused more on the generation of Ad Words instead of simple natural keyword research. It is almost impossible to conduct more real research of the keyword without using this tool. Therefore, SEO experts should know how to use it in order to be more effective in their work.

Responsive design checker

Preferential treatment is given to the websites that can be viewed on all devices including mobile phones by the search engines. This tool enables you to ensure that your website has a sharp look on all designs. The design adapts to different devices to enable you to come up with a website that can be viewed on all devices. Thus, you will not have to create websites for different devices. If you are unsure if your website has a responsive design, you should put it in this tool.

Generally, there are many free SEO tools that you can use to enhance the ranking of your website. These are the tools that any Boston SEO firm uses and advices SEO experts to use in order to ensure their effectiveness.

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